Tips for Easy Set Mole Eliminator

  1. Flatten about 12-18 inches of the mole's tunnel.  The reason I like to flatten so much tunnel is that I have found it reduces the chances that the mole will dig through the trap and not set it off.

  2. Use your heel to make a dent in the tunnel right in the middle of your flattened section.  The reason for this is that the trigger of the Easy Set Mole Eliminator hangs lower than the frame which sets on the ground.  If you don't make a dent then you may get false triggers due to ground swell.

  3. Insert the Easy Set Mole Eliminator scissors directly into the mole's tunnel straddle the dent that you made with your heel.  Push it in until the frame contacts the ground.  This will make it much more stable when you step on it to set it.

  4. Place the ball of your foot on top of the levers and press firmly until the trap is flat.  When you are stepping on your trap make sure you maintain control and don't let the trap go forward or backward when stepping.  Make sure it goes straight down.  Once the mole trap is set it should be parallel to the ground.

  5. Make sure to mark your trap.  Construction flags are ideal.  These traps have such a low profile when set you could easily forget about them when mowing.  This is especially important if you contract someone to mow your lawn.  It's very possible that running over a trap with a mower could cost a lot more than just replacement cost of a trap.