We are based in Shelby County and provide service to all surrounding counties and sometimes beyond.  

Understand that the further we have to travel the higher the price will be.  

Our full service mole trapping is made simple by our low per visit fee that starts at $40.00 per visit.  In 2015 we averaged 2.8 visits per session with a low of 2 visits and a high of 6 visits.  Depending on your surroundings you could need multiple sessions throughout any given year.   We charge only by the number of visits that we make to your property and not by the number of moles that are caught.  This guarantees that there will be no surprises when you receive your bill.  In 2015 our low for a single customer was zero moles and our high was 26 moles.  We leave a mole report each time we make a visit to your property so that you are kept up to date with our progress.