How much does it cost?
We charge by the visit.  This eliminates any surprises on your bill.  Prices start at $40 per visit.  Lawn size and travel distance may effect your price but 90% of customers are at the starting rate.  In 2015 we averaged 2.8 visits per customer per session for an average of $112 per session.

How many sessions will it take?
The majority of customers will need only 1 or 2 sessions a year.  The highest number of sessions in 2015 was at an apartment complex and we did 8 sessions.  The largest for a residential lawn was 6 sessions with 16 moles caught.

How many moles do I have?
There is no way to tell how many moles you have.  Also depending on your surroundings your lawn could have a steady flow of moles throughout the year.  See stats for more details. 

Are the traps a danger to my children or pets?
No.  In 10 years of trapping we have yet to have an incident.  The Easy Set Mole Eliminator trap that we use poses no danger because there are no pinch points above ground.  This trap could pose a danger if it is pulled out of the ground while set so it is best to inform your children not to play with them or to avoid them all together.  We occasionally use an underground trap if it becomes necessary but this trap is completely buried, so it is away from curious hands or paws.

Do you use poisons?
No.  We don't like poisons because we have no proof that the mole took the bait.  We don't say we got a mole unless we see the mole.  We have 5-10 customers a year that their moles simply disappear.  Maybe they were just passing through but with poisons we would assume that we got him and in reality it just never came back.  If your mole disappears you will receive a 50% discount on you bill.

Will I have to do this every year?
53% of customers from 2014 did not need service in 2015.

Should I treat for grubs?
My personal opinion is not to treat for grubs for a mole problem.  Grubs are only about 25% of a moles diet.

Should I trap my moles if the neighbor does nothing about theirs?
This is a problem that many of us face.  Trapping moles in one lawn could easily take care of a mole problem for several houses in every direction.  This could be done in a very short period of time but it could also turn into 4 or 5 sessions of mole trapping per year.

Is there anything I can do to keep them from coming back?
No.  Aside from digging a trench around your property and filling it with big rock that the mole can't dig through there is not much you can do to prevent other moles from following the same tunnel into your lawn that the previous mole created.  Moles also come out of the ground to catch earthworms so they can easily defeat any underground barrier.

How many traps do you use?
We do not have a minimum or maximum number of traps to use.  Simply put, however many it takes.

Can you tell how many moles I have by the amount of damage?
Damage is not a reliable way of estimating moles especially if you don't know how long said damage took to occur.